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Our Mission, Vision and Strategy

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure a safe and reliable supply of natural gas and electricity for our clients and other business partners throughout the Czech Republic along with meeting their specific energy requirements.

We supply energy

  • Providing natural gas and electricity under an individual delivery regime
  • Providing natural gas and electricity under a combined delivery regime: transportation, natural gas storage, servicing, distribution, supply of the commodity, managing the nomination process as well as the settlement of imbalances

We guarantee energy

  • The supply of natural gas and electricity is guaranteed to follow the valid legislation (Energetický zákon č. 458/2000 Sb.)
  • Commitment to supplying high quality, safe and reliable natural gas and electricity
  • Complete assistance in the process of switching suppliers

We assist in meeting your individual energy needs

  • Offering individual contract terms for each customer (including price, payment terms, delivery regime and services)
  • Assisting customers with a complete range of energy needs associated with servicing the supply of natural gas and electricity
  • Individual customer service and assistance
  • Administration and assistance with IT systems (data processing)
  • Consulting in the areas of natural resource consumption and other activities related to the energy industry in the Czech Republic

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide our clients and business partners with comprehensive assistance to meet their specific energy requirements, which includes the supply of a diversity natural gas and electricity products.

Our Strategy

We aim to provide our existing clients and business partners with a competitive price for natural gas and electricity and an emphasis on individual customer service and assistance. At the same time we work to actively and systematically approach new clients from all parts of the Czech Republic.

Pragoplyn, a.s. puts emphasis primarily on:

  • An individual approach towards our clients and business partners
  • Securing all the energy needs of our consumers by offering both natural gas and electricity
  • Optimal commodity price and individual contract terms
  • Flexibility in preparing the final offer for the client
  • Expansion of the product portfolio with eco-friendly products, including Biometan+ and Elektřina Eko+