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Electricity Eco+

logo_elektrinaekoplus.jpg Pragoplyn, a.s. offers electricity that comes from eco-friendly sources, also known as renewable resources that can cover your partial or overall consumption.

What advantages will eco-friendly electricity offer?

  • Each customer can determine the percentage of Eco Energy they want to consume
  • Individual price and contract terms
  • Eco-friendly electricity excludes the tax on electricity 28,30 CZK (without VAT) / MWh (Found in: Zákon o stabilizaci veřejných rozpočtů (Zákon 261/2007 Sb.) Část 47: Daň z elektřiny)
  • Raising awareness on corporate responsibility and a positive approach towards the environment
  • Increasing competitiveness and dependability of your business for partners, investors, financial institutions, public administration and the general public
  • Supporting the fulfillment of the ISO 14001 norm and others including ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949
  • Certificate confirming the origin of the electricity from renewable resources
  • Use of the eco logo for marketing purposes