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Electricity Distribution and Supply Management

Pragopyn, a.s. provides comprehensive services related to the supply and the consumption of electricity with the guarantee of a secure distribution and delivery of the commodity.

The supply of electrify issecured by the legal processes, as defined by the Energy Act 458/2000 Sb. and as amended by the decree on electricity market rules and principles of pricing of the electricity market operator (Pravidlechtrhu s elektřinou, zásadáchtvorbycenzačinnostioperátoratrhu s elektřinou(541/2005 Sb.). In the event of an emergency of the entire electricity networl in the Czech Republic, during which it is not possible to guarantee the amount of delivered electricty, steps are taken in accordance with the Energy Act and other regulations issued for its implementation and pursuant to the Decree on states of emergency in electricity supply (Vyhláška č.80/2010 Sb., vyhláška o stavunouze v elektroenergetice a o obsahovýchnáležitostechhavarijníhoplánu).

Pragoplyn, a.s. is working with all the regional electricity distributors that operate in the Czech Republic. Hence, providing a greater number of contracts for the supply of electricity, Pragoplyn, a.s. is able to strengthen its purchasing power and also significantly reduce risks to its customers.

The distribution to end-users is guaranteed at the national, regional and local levels. We provide comprehensive advising in the process of negotiation of distribution capacity for our customers.

Pragoplyn, a.s. offers its existing and new customers comprehensive assistance in the process of optimizing distribution rates.

Every customer that falls under the category of medium-size businesses has a defined distribution rate with the operator of the distribution system. The distribution rate is assigned to the customer and in most cases does not reflect the status of the current intensity and energy consumption of the customer.

Few customers are aware of the fact that they can save up to tens of thousands of crowns by asking for a review and optimization their distribution rates that reflects their current electricity consumption. There are several reasons why customers may have an incorrect incumbent distribution rate. For example, a customer may acquire a new building or property that already has a set rate and fails to realize this. However, the main factor that reflects inappropriate rate selection is a sudden change in the level of consumption. A distribution rate adjustment will bring cost savings up to several percent of the total amount of electricity supplied to the customer with the same consumption.

Pragoplyn, a.s. therefore comes with the offer of free advising on distribution rate optimization, as well as other commercial and technical matters. Within this service of free advising, Pragoplyn, a.s. representatives are ready to recommend any changes in the distribution rate that would result in savings for the customer, custom design the final product for the consumer based on real consumption and corresponding reserved electricity consumption (main breaker) and finally handle all related administration.

On the basis of the agreement for the aggregate supply of electricity and services, Pragoplyn, a.s. will provide its customers with a quantitative analysis of an adjustment in the distribution rate and will ensure the switch to a new rate with the respective distribution system operator.

Take advantage of this opportunity to save significantly on payments for electricity distribution!

For further information please contact Ing. Marek Medve (


Vyhláška Energetického regulačního úřadu o podmínkách připojení k elektrizační soustavě (51/2006 Sb.).

Regulations on the operation of the distribution system (PPDS)