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The Market for Electricity

The process of liberalization of the electricity market in Europe was launched with the adoption of the common rules for the electricity market by the European Parliament and Council (96/92/EC)and a series of directives that have been incorporated into the Energy Act(Energetickýzákon č. 458/2000 Sb.). The Energy Act defined the schedule for the liberalization of the electricity market in several steps, which take into account the requirements of the end customers. In the Czech republic, the electricity market was liberalized for all segments, including households on 1.1.2006.

The supply of electricity is divided into two parts:

  • The distribution of electricity – includes the transportation of electricity to the offtake point of the customer; the price for the distribution of electricity is fully regulated by the Energy Regulatory Office.
  • Price of power - is affected by public competition and the individual price for each offtake point.

Entities operating in the natural gas market:

Electricity producers

Czech transmission system operator –ČEPS, a.s.

Distribution system operators

Mapa regionálních distributorů
  • ČEZ Distribuce, a. s.
  • E.ON Distribuce, a. s.
  • PREdistribuce, a. s.

OTE, a.s.

Power Exchange Central Europe



Current price of electricity (stock market PXE)


Current price of electricity (stock market EEX)