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Natural Gas

Legislative Documents and Regulations

Legal regulations and laws

  • Zákon č. 458/2000 Sb., o podmínkách podnikání a o výkonu státní správy v energetických odvětvích a o změně některých zákonů (energetický zákon), ve znění pozdějších předpisů, a další související zákony
  • Zákon č. 261/2007 Sb., o stabilizaci veřejných rozpočtů


Products and Pricing

We categorize our customers into three groups: Small customers (MO), Medium-size customers (SO), Large customers (VO). Each customer group is priced separately and according to individual terms and conditions that are related to the character of their offtake point.

The prices of other services include the transportation, structuring and physical delivery of the commodity.

The price of transportation is always based upon the current price as defined by the Energy Regulatory Office.

Natural Gas Distribution and Supply Management

Pragoplyn, a.s. provides comprehensive services related to the supply and procurement of natural gas: transportation, natural gas storage, servicing, distribution, supply of the commodity, managing the nomination process as well as balancing variations.

Customer segmentation

The classification of our current customers is as follows:

Small customers (MO)

include both private and public entities that are supplied with natural gas and electricity for commercial purposes. Their annual consumption must not exceed 630 MWh (below 60,000 m3).

The Market for Natural Gas

The market for natural gas in the Czech Republic is fully liberalized, whereby consumers are free to choose amongst several suppliers of natural gas.

Pragoplyn, a.s. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pražskáplynárenská, a. s.

Natural Gas – Inquiry Form

Natural Gas

General description

Natrual gas is comprised of hydrocarbons and non-flameable components (nitrogen and carbon dioxide) as well as methane (90%) and ethane (1-6%). Although natural gas is in essence odorless, the final product is odorized and upon delivery into the distribution system undergoes a process of drying, cleaning and chemical enhancement.