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Natural Gas Distribution and Supply Management

Pragoplyn, a.s. provides comprehensive services related to the supply and procurement of natural gas: transportation, natural gas storage, servicing, distribution, supply of the commodity, managing the nomination process as well as balancing variations.

Pragoplyn, a.s. began with the delivery of natural gas on 1.1.2008, immediately after the liberalization of the natural gas market in the Czech Republic. As of this date, Pragoplyn, a.s. holds valid contracts on the distribution of natural gas with all the operators of the distribution system in the Czech Republic.

The supply of natural gas is being carried out to a wide range of customers operating in various business sectors with a guarantee of stability, quality and safety.

The supply of natural gas is ensured by legal regulations and rules outlined in the Energy Act (Energetický zákon 458/2000 Sb.) and as specified in the valid Decree on natural gas rules (Vyhláška o pravidlech trhu s plynemč. 365/2009 Sb.). In the event of an emergency of the entire natural gas system in the Czech Republic, during which it is not possible to guarantee the amount of delivered natural gas, steps are taken in accordance with the Energy Act and other regulations issued for its implementation and pursuant to the Decree on states of emergency in natural gas (Vyhláška č. 334/2009 Sb. o stavech nouze v plynárenství).

Pragoplyn, a.s. works with all regional natural gas distributors that operate in the Czech Republic. A higher number of gas provider contracts allows Pragoplyn, a.s. to differentiate its purchase of the commodity and at the same time decrease the risks associated with the fall-out of natural gas of delivery of any producers of natural gas in the Czech Republic. Hence, Pragoplyn, a.s. effectively optimizes the supply management process to its end customers.

We distribute natural gas to end customers at the national, regional and local levels. We provide comprehensive advice on the process of negotiating the distribution capacity (annual, monthly and rolling capacity distribution).